• Bag Failure Instructions



Global-Pak quality assures all bags upon delivery; however, bags can fail for many reasons. If you run into a bag failure issue, we want to ensure we are doing everything possible to determine the source and find a solution to make sure it doesn’t happen again. We work with customers across multiple industries, so there are various issues that can occur based on what material is being used, how the bag is handled, or how the bag is being stored. If you find yourself having bag issues, these are the best steps to follow so we can find a solution quickly and efficiently:

Step 1: Take pictures of the bag’s label

  • This is the most important step so we can gather the appropriate information, like supplier, manufacture date, manufacturer country, order and item number, project number, and inspection data. We need a close-up photo of the front and back of the tag – the more detail, the better.

Step 2: Potential Causes for Bag Failure

  • Take photos of the entire bag, in addition to close ups of the material where the bag failed or had issues. Be sure to zoom in closely, in order to capture any irregularities, flaws, or discoloration.​

Step 3: Keep the bag for inspection

  • Pull the bulk bag so you can hold it until it can be returned to us for testing and further analysis. We can test threading, sewing methodology, UV exposure, fabric weight, and more in order to determine if there are any problems in the design, bag manufacturing, or material quality.

Step 4: Take notes of the environment & handling

  • If you can take pictures of the incident at the time it occurs, we may be able to determine if there are any environmental factors that could have damaged the bag. Additionally, if this is a recurring or widespread issue, it would be beneficial to take a video of the entire bagging process as we can help identify problem points or if the bag may have been mishandled, causing the breakage. It’s important to verify that all bags are being handled according to FIBCA’s guidelines.

Step 5: Alert your vendor

  • If you alert Global-Pak quickly, and supply us with all the necessary information listed above, we will be able to determine what the cause of the failure was and find a resolution to ensure you are receiving quality products.

Potential Failure Factors:

  • Incorrectly made bag
  • Mishandled bag: This could be from the time the bag was created, through the distribution process or into the factory itself.
  • Storage: If the bags are stored in direct sunlight, in a place where excess weight could have been added, or where they could have gotten wet, this may have a factor on the failure.
  • Incorrect Specs: Is the bag the correct size? Does it have the correct safe working load?