Stretch Wrap / Film

Global-Pak stocks several types of stretch wrap and we have the ability to source many other non-stock stretch films with minimal lead times. Our plastic manufacturing partners are some of the largest in the world and offer us the best prices possible, which we pass on directly to our customers. Global-Pak serves customers large and small, and we are able to sell our stretch wrap / film by the roll, pallet, or truckload.  Call your sales or customer service representative today to discuss adding a stretch wrap stocking program to help meet your company's needs.

Here are some of the hand, machine, and specialty stretch films we have to offer:


Ultra-High Performance Stiff Handwrap
  • Pre-Stretched
    • High performance with ease of use and most economical choice.
  • SuperMicron Handwrap
    • The ultimate CAST or BLOWN handwrap. A combination of load containment, toughness, puncture, stiffness, and cling.

Standard Performance Handwrap
  • Cast film clarity with extra stiffness and strength.
  • Blown film strength, with the flexibility and strength to meet all your application requirements.
  • Cast film clarity with maximum stretch capability.

Machine Film

Ultra-High Performance Machine Film
  • SuperMicron
    • Highest stretch at the lowest gauge for optimal palletizing using the least amount of resources.
    • Cast film. Heavy gauge performance from light gauge film, high cling and slip. Industry’s best load containment.
  • Advantage
    • Cast one sided cling film. High stretch and puncture.
  • Excalibur
    • Quiet clear metallocene cast film, one-sided cling high performance designed for high speed machines.

Standard Performance Machine Film
  • Alpha Series
    • Proven performance and consistency makes A1 a choice product in the industry.
    • ​With stretch levels up to 225%, A12 makes economical sense.
  • Performance Plus
    • Blown machine film for maximum toughness and stretch-ability.

Specialty Films

  • PET bottle applications requiring high stretch levels with minimum impact on the light gauge bottles.
  • ​High-performance Roll Wrap product – high cling / high slip.
  • Designed for all types of heavy gauge roll wrap applications needing high slip and high abrasion resistance.
  • ​High slip / high cling machine film.

UVI Products - Global-Pak, Inc. offers a wide range of colors in either tint or opaque stretch films.

Extended Core Handwrap – Extended core over four inches on each side for easy handling.

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