Our Partners

Global-Pak has certified an elite group of world class manufacturing partners, strategically located all over the world to provide you with the highest quality bulk bags possible.

Affordability & Efficiency

Several containers arrive at our warehouses each week, which gives us the ability to manage inventory efficiently and affordably.
High volume importing allows us to be the lowest priced provider, offering our customers with the lowest cost on low volume orders as small as 1-2 pallets.
We can provide nearly any style of bulk bag including:

  • AIB Certified 
  • GFSI Qualified - FSC 22000, SQF Certified & BRC Certified
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Clean Room Bag
  • Global-Pak SQF Certified Food Grade Warehouse
  • Standard FIBC
  • Crohmiq Bags
  • Type C Groundable & Type B
  • Waste Hauling

North American Manufacturing

We also have partnerships in North America that let us manufacture nearly any type of bulk bag with a much shorter lead time. If you require North American production, we have bags for you.


Global-Pak has the facilities and capability to alter existing bags locally in Ohio, so we're able to take on emergency requirements. We can take bags out of stock with similar specs to what our customers need and tailor them to fit specific requirements, to help prevent problems and keep costs low by avoiding air freight charges.

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